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{April 12, 2009}   Sassy gets Cheeky… and Cheeks gets sassy.

Recently I found someone to inspire me to be creative again. Now I know what you’re thinking…this blog is pretty damn creative, if I do say so myself. But you might not know that I used to be an artist. One day I was surfing around on YouTube and found this super funny artist by the name of Cheeks! I eventually made my way to his MySpace page and looked around. I decided to use one of the pictures there to inspire my own creation. I refer to it as the “Hollywood drawing”. Original, right?

I usually don’t share my art with others, but something made me send this drawing along one day on MySpace. A couple days later I actually got a response from Cheeks himself! He seemed genuinely touched that someone would spend so much time on a drawing for him. One thing led to another and he agreed to a mini-interview for my blog! So without further adieu, here it is!

Sassy on Cheeks

There is much to be said about Cheeks, so much so that it could be a full length book. However, for now, this is the short version.

There are some things about Cheeks that are relatively common knowledge.

-He’s immensely talented across all mediums, whether it be comedy, music, or anything else thrown at him.

-He can make us laugh even on our worst day. (I stand by my conclusion that with Cheeks, who really needs a therapist?)

-He’s not hard on the eyes by any stretch of the imagination. Call it shallow, but I could watch him with the TV muted and still enjoy myself.

-He is humble. He has enjoyed success that most people would allow to go straight to their heads, yet he remains grounded and genuine.

However, what is there behind the name, the make-up, the fabulousness that we don’t know?

-Cheeks is more than just a cute nickname. He uses Cheeks instead of his real name as an act of rejection to the societal standards put upon us against our will. (Damn.)

-Did you know that some of his role models include Andy Warhol, Madonna, Drew Barrymore, Desi Arnaz, and John Legend?

-He finds inspiration all around him. Whether it be fellow entertainers, or overhearing random conversations about tanning outside of Starbucks, everything is potential material. To ensure he never runs out of content, he keeps a notebook of any and all things that could be used later on.

A little background I got from him during our little Q&A (I LOVE TO TAKE NOTES!):

Cheeks was born to entertain. Doing theater and commercials in Texas, he reveled in the spotlight from a very young age. Following the urging of his aunt, a 5th grade teacher, it was not unusual to find a young Cheeks performing to songs by Paula Abdul and the Beach Boys for her class.

While in high school, he formed a film club. This outlet allowed other students that shared his passion for entertainment an environment that helped them hone their skills. In fact, this club is still running today and has even garnered awards. In 2004, Cheeks headed west to Los Angeles for college. He started out studying film with a strong interest in editing. During this time, he also began making short horror films and eventually music videos to other artists songs (he made his own video for Fischerspooner’s ‘Emerge’), which led to experimenting with music of his own.

Aiming to further spread his creative wings, he co-wrote and recorded an original song for the horror short “Side Effect” by Liz Adams. “Side Effect” is currently making the rounds at various film festivals around the world (such as Germany, Asia, Scotland and the US) and winning acclaim. After film school, he began studying comedy at the Second City. For his graduate show, he did a production called ‘Stereotypecast’, which was a humorous exploration of the way minorities are viewed by the mainstream.

Many of us have dreamt of being as superb as Cheeks, and one young man had the opportunity to learn from the best first hand during an episode of ‘Why Can’t I Be You’ on MTV. In the episode, a young, unconfident, gay boy lived with Cheeks for 48 hours in an effort to learn how to be fabulous.

In 2008, Cheeks made his first major leap into music with the release of his EP, ‘The Boy From Venus’, which is available for download on iTunes.

As a child, he wanted to be a rock star, then a fashion designer, then an actor, then a writer, then a director. Finally, he decided how to incorporate them all into one once he finished college and realized his calling as a mixed media artist.

He began using the skills he learned in film school to make his own online content and began successfully generating fans. Having this creative control also afforded him ability to express his need to humorously entertain, as well as comment on society. He’s got a lot to say, but would rather do it with satire than with activism.

For the last year, he has focused his efforts into expanding his fan base, as well as working feverishly on his follow-up album, ‘Glambition’, which is going to be released on September 1, 2009.

One of Cheeks’ biggest goals is to make it onto TV with his own show. Since he described it pretty damn well himself, I’ll just put in his words to describe what kind of show he’d like to have:

“I would love to do a reality show with its tongue firmly planted in cheek. One that’s self aware and is more of a statement on the absurdity of the fiction that reality has become. I think the whole idea is really post modern and fascinating. It would be a formula everyone is familiar with, but with a brain. Of course, I love playing different characters. So maybe a show that allows me to go in and out like Tracy Ullman or The Mighty Bouche. Hopefully, over the years, I’ll be able to explore many different concepts and have a few different shows! I mean, look at Bob Newhart!”

In short, he wants to leave us sickeningly satisfied, but still begging for more.

Check him on MySpace and YouTube; don’t forget to comment!


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